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Petritoli is a medieval village with a population of approximately 2500, its ancient majestic beauty intact, lies on the fertile hills of southern Marche, between the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini Mountain chain, the “Azure Hills” of Leopardian memory.

Numerous couples choose to spend the most important day of their lives, saying the fateful “I do”, “Ja, Egy, Jedne, Oui…” in this tiny corner of paradise.

It’s no wonder that this precious Wedding city has conceived a “wedding system”, a sort of public-private network that provides comprehensive specialized support to satisfy the needs of all our guests, based on the requests of the couple to-be.

Several factors lead young couples to choose Petritoli as a romantic setting for their big day. The exclusive location, the capacity of the accommodation facilities to host such a memorable day, the gastronomic and wine culture and the pleasant summer climate make the village a valued and desired destination.

The welcoming locals contribute to making these stays truly unforgettable by making guests feel like they are members of the community.

The experience is unique, and makes visitors long to return to this magical village or stay for long stretches. Following several requests, the Town Administration drafted special guidelines for private use of the most evocative corners of the village.

Among these il Teatro dell’Iride, Piazza della Rocca where cocktails and banquets are served by candlelight, the spectacular balcony of the Civic Tower where photographers create spellbinding images and the spacious Orto dell’Asilo (Nursery School Garden) from which you can take in the thrilling panorama.

The extraordinary natural position of Petritoli, surrounded by lush, uncontaminated nature, is the ideal setting for this “synthesis of paradise on Earth” where art work, monuments and unique examples of architecture pleasantly catch the eye of visitors who are constantly in the company of the smiles and friendliness of all Petritolesi.